Friday, March 21, 2008

Catching Up Since February

I left Albuquerque for Northern California and rather than drive the whole way at once I stopped in at Wes Wolcott's. I had met Wes previously at the Conference for Shamanism and Sacred Sexuality in Santa Fe the previous January. He is a videographer and has produced DVDs for Margot Anand and others in the Tantra world. While there, I filled him in on what I had been learning about internet marketing and suggested that we could benefit through a collaboration.

I arrived in Northern California in time to create the Yummatopia website for Amber and Carolena. I feel quite fortunate to be a part of what these two gals have put together; a place to explore and increase yumminess in life. You can visit the site at: Http://

I got my STD results back and all the tests were negative. Good thing, too. I found beautiful woman whom had also been recently tested and we had fun. Although we like one another and share a strong energetic connection, I find that we have quite a few difference in our approach to life. This may be a good thing.

Anyway, I returned to Wes's place and it was providential to do so. I am finding it a pleasure to meet and work with some really amazing people including Bo Lebo, Marci Javril and Mare Simone. I just consulted for Marci about increasing her web traffic and successfully cloned Mare's website. I was appalled to hear that her hosting company was charging her $300/mo. How dare they! Anyway. More later.

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